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My name is Nicholas Shobe I live in Portland Oregon with my wife Sarah. I am a a web appliations developer for Lewis and Clark College, an avid contributor to Open Source projects.

Recent Projects

Some cool projects I am working on are:

Puppet Wrangler

I needed an easy way to bootstrap puppet on various Ubuntu servers. I used the experience gained with CloudGod to quickly develop this simple set of bash key deployment and puppet bootstrap tools. I named it puppet wranlger and it is hosted on Github under the open source Mozilla tri license.


My data connector project has been placed on hold for a month or so while I work on cloudGod... but it is pretty cool! the DataConnector app is really a PHP framework that is intended as a bridge between internal network services like Drupal forms, SOAP or BI apps. So far it has been used for several major projects. Basically, instead of web pages, the framework focuses on data maps... each data map specifies a set of data sources and drivers and a set data targets and drivers. The map is simple... map incomming fields to outgoing fields and possibly modify the data. DataConnector is powerful yet simple, I love it! I have been working on this in my spare time as well as at work. You can check it out on github phpDataConnector

Fun Facts

Favorite OS: Linux

Favorite Distro: Ubuntu

Other Distros: RHEL, CentOS and Debian

Programming Languages: PHP, Python, Ruby