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My name is Nicholas Shobe I live in San Antonio Tx. I'm in Cloud Operations at Rackspace

Recent Work


Right now my favorite API combo is Flask + FlaskRESTful for small SOA APIs. Most APIs are for internal team usage to improve processes like augmenting our internal ticketing systems or querying server info. 

CLI Clients

I have been contributing to several clients that help with our ops work flow, including an on going project to create a working CLI for our Zabbix monitoring infrastructure. Python-z I have also written an extension to the python-keystoneclient to fully support the Rackspace auth and other internal management extensions. I added some needed features like token management, identity switching and json output. 

Fun Facts

Favorite OS: Linux

Favorite Distro: Debian

Other Distros: RHEL, CentOS and Ubuntu

Programming Languages: Python, Ruby, PHP